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Huntington Realty Group Co., a full service real estate company with international connections, is headquartered in San Gabriel, California.

Over 100 real estate agents are associated with Huntington Realty Group Co. These are the highly trained professionals who have expertise and knowledge necessary to serve our clients in the finest tradition. Under the leadership of the best management team in town, and with effective and substantial advertising, sophisticated IT systems, and extensive international connections, we can provide the most satisfying services to our clients. Some of our agents are qualified architects and licensed general contractors with the ability to assist developers and investors in making the right decisions. Many of our agents are proficient in at least one Chinese dialect that may help our clients with their specific needs.

For thousands of reasons, California has been known as one of the most attractive places for overseas investors. Serving as a bridge between neighbors on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, the role of Huntington Realty Group Co. has become increasingly important and, in fact, essential to the serious investor. We are proud to be able to provide our clients with the best professional services.

We handle all types of real estate, including single family residences, apartments, hotels/motels, office buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, industrial buildings, land and business opportunities, etc. Besides, we also conduct market survey, real estate investment planning, joint venture investments, property management and international marketing programs.